Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The day to honor and celebrate all of the special moms in our lives is fast approaching! I have such a hard time trying to think of the perfect gift for my mom, who always tells me that she doesn't want anything and means it. The lady would be happy with a case of Tab and a pack of PAM. If you are reading this, Mom, surprise! Picking out gifts for loved ones is one of my favorite things to do, so I wanted to share some of my gift ideas for Mother's Day (disclaimer: I have zero fashion sense, just ask my sister, Julie. All of my grandmother's fashion genes went to her, so you won't find any fun clothes here.) 

Being a mom of three boys eight and under, my life is nuts! Like most moms, I am usually carrying bags and my four year old, who would rather be carried than walk, so I rarely have a free hand. I bought this O-venture keychain for myself a couple of years ago, and I love it! The circle makes it easy to find in my cluttered purse, so it has cut down on my key searching time tremendously. The major benefit is that you can slip it on your arm making getting in the house much easier when you are carrying kids, bags, etc. from the car. When you are going on a walk or to one of your kid's sporting events, you can leave your purse at home or in the car and just put that sucker on your arm, which also helps when you are chasing other kids around outside. They come in a wide range of colors and textures to fit everyone's taste and personality.

This gift idea not only helps with some R&R (rest and relaxation), as my grandfather used to say, but it will also bring beauty to any space. A dohar (just a super soft, light-weight blanket) from my Instagram friend, Courtney, who founded Mela & Roam, would be a treat for any mom. I am a self-proclaimed dohar addict and love to place them all around our home. The baby and twin sized dohars are great to drape over the back of a chair or couch, as well as to curl up on the sofa with. Of course, the queen and king size ones help to add more interest to your bedroom when you layer the soft textures with your bedding. I am a huge fan of pattern, so these gorgeously patterned linens fit the bill for me.

mela and roam.jpg

She usually has more dohars available than what is shown on the website, so send her an email if you don't find anything that you like online.

Art is always a gift that I am thrilled to receive. Often, it is a gift that I give to myself...I have a small art obsession. Picking out and purchasing art can be overwhelming, and I often hear "I don't know what is good art." If you think it is beautiful, then it is good art! You want to put pieces in your home that you love, and everyone's taste is different. My sister, Julie, probably regrets becoming an art consultant, since I am always bugging her about various artists and pieces. She is a wonderful resource, especially for those who are first time art buyers, and she offers a wide range of price points and styles. 

Another wonderful resource for art is Mollie Creason, the founder of Well & WonderOur moms went to high school together, so my sister and I have been able to connect with her over the past few years when we have run into each other at the beach and through Instagram. She has a beautiful collection of pieces from various artists on her website that would be a perfect gift for any mom.

I have to give all of the credit to my sister for this gift idea, which she gave me last year for Mother's Day. This "to-go" wine glass from Goverre is perfect for backyard gatherings, boat rides, days at the beach, and tailgates, just to name a few. It is made of glass, which I love--I am somewhat particular about the material of the cups that I drink from. Strange, I know, but wine just tastes better in a glass. The glass is protected by a silicone sleeve that comes in so many fun colors. You can make this gift more personal by pairing it with her favorite bottle of wine or another drink of choice.

Let's keep with the theme of gift ideas I got from my sister. She brought her Parker Thatch tote to my grandparents' house one Christmas, and I instantly fell in love and had to have one. As a true Southern girl, I do love a monogram, and Parker Thatch has so many monogram and design options to choose from. They also have an option to include a message inside the bag, so you can really make the gift extra special for your loved one. 

Every mother or grandmother loves to see pictures of her children or grandchildren. Since I am the queen of online ordering, I like to use places like Framebridge or Simply Framed to print and frame pictures. I don't have to leave the comfort of my couch, and there are a wide range of framing options available. You can even upload pictures straight from Instagram or Facebook to print and frame. So easy!


I talked about the Glassybaby votives in my Christmas Gift Guide, but I think they are worth mentioning again for Mother's Day. I love the meaning behind the name of each votive, which I think makes the gift more special.


"on may's second sunday, mom smiles with delight at her breakfast in bed, as if one morning of devotion means as much as all of her thousands"


"‘grandmother’ or even ‘grandma’ are a lot of syllables for a two-toothed mouth to pronounce. much easier to thank grammy for the cookies and smiles"


"a bittersweet dropoff on the first day of school. savor the last little smooch of goodbye, miss them already, look forward to delicious freedom of today"


"tall person wraps over shorter shoulders, short one throws arms up around taller neck, or both right arms can go over the lefts. we love all types of hugs"


thank you

"you can pay back loans and return favors. but when someone makes your care a true labor of love, you can only say thank you"


awesome ain't easy

"if it were, everyone would be it. we believe everyone can be it - but "'awesome ain't easy.'"

I can't have a gift guide without mentioning one of my all time favorites, Mollie Jenkins Pottery! Mollie offers so many beautiful pottery pieces ranging from dinnerware, lamps, and mixing bowls. She recently debuted these mini planters, which I think would be a fun gift for any mom who loves gardening. Make sure to add her favorite flower or plant to really knock this gift out of the park.

When all else fails, the gift of a nap is always a well-received gift! Be sure to click the link below to read my Christmas Gift Guide for more gift ideas for Mother's Day! Happy shopping!