The Price Is Right

The final part of our attic renovation, the bunk room, is definitely one of my favorite spaces in our home. We were in need of a guest room and wanted to maximize the space to comfortably house as many guests as possible. I thought built-in beds would be a fun and perfect solution. We were able to fit four twin size bunks into the space. I love the idea of built-in beds and the cozy feel it gives a space.

Below are a few pictures of the space during the renovation…

Looking from the Rooster Room towards the bunk room.

Bathroom space

Built-in bunks

Built-in bunks

Dormer window

Thanks to Joanna Gaines, I, along with 99% of women across the country are obsessed with shiplap, and I knew I wanted to include it in this space. We used shiplap in the bunk area to add character and interest to the space, and I am thrilled with how it all turned out.

I don’t know if I should be proud of this or embarrassed, but I purchased everything for the attic renovation, with the exception of two or three items, online. The majority of those purchases were from small businesses I follow on Instagram. I try to include as many items as possible from small businesses–I love supporting them, and the items give more character and uniqueness to your space. For the decor, I knew this was the only bedroom in our home, where I could girl it up a little bit, so I did.

One of the first items I purchased for the space were the bed linens. All of my friends know I am obsessed with the dohars from Mela & Roam. I’ve talked about them a couple of times on the blog, and they are ridiculously soft and beautiful! I’ve never met a dohar that I didn’t like. 😉

I may have started slowly collecting the dohars for the bunks two years or so before we started the renovation. I just couldn’t risk losing out on these dohars, since she doesn’t make many of them in the same pattern.

The quilts on the beds are also from Mela & Roam. I purchased those on a drive to Montgomery to visit our great friends, the Denneys (and well before the reno started, too). I am a stress shopper (who am I kidding!?! I’m a non-stress shopper too). We were going through some bad weather, so I pulled out my trusty phone and emailed back and forth with Courtney, the founder of Mela & Roam, about the quilts. The bad weather was worth the purchase, and I’m sure Jacob appreciated that I was preoccupied with something else, instead of pointing out all of the police cars I saw and asking him how fast he was driving.  😉💙

I love how all of the dohars are different and that there are two different quilt designs. Mixing the patterns allows for more personalization and character, but they all still coordinate by having similar color palettes.

For the sheets, I knew I wanted to use white but have something with a subtle pattern on it. I looked to my most favorite store to purchase sheets from, Serena and Lily. They are so very soft, and they offer a variety of fun patterns, which I love! I am a big fan of layering patterns, and I prefer a patterned sheet set. Not only are they pretty, but the pattern helps you figure out which way the sheets go when you’re making the bed. Nothing more frustrating that fighting with a fitted sheet and a mattress.

The drapes in the bunk room are extra special and add a punch of color and fun with the large scale pattern. My Mom found this fabric, which my Grand-mere had leftover from their beach house, when she was cleaning things out for a renovation. The fabric is older than I am, since the house hadn’t been redecorated since the ’70s…and the price was right, as my Grand-mere likes to say (on a side note, she’d always say “one size fits all” when they gave a birthday check to us, and it’s true).

I changed this window to a casement to match the ones added in the dormer, and it made a huge difference.

The artwork for this space is fun! Of course, I had to find a Herman and a rooster for up here.

Love the color these pieces bring into the space, since there is so much white up here.

My Lulie Wallace Herman! Couldn’t pass him up.

I told y’all in my last post how much I love a barn, and I had been eyeing the barn pieces that Kate Mullin paints for awhile before I snagged this beauty. The brights colors are what drew me to this little barn.

Love the serene colors in this piece by Hammmade Furniture–another Instagram find.

Y’all, this rooster by Kate Waddell was meant to be mine! She named the piece, “Fred,” and that’s my sweet grandfather’s name. I knew he had to come live at our house when I saw that.

I found this piece a couple of years ago at Marketplace and instantly fell in love with it and had to have it! My Grand-mere has one on the back of her kitchen door, and she keeps all of her aprons on it. She is a wonderful cook…only person who can work her magic on milk and make me enjoy drinking it. I HATE milk. 😝

We added this dormer window during our renovation. My husband, Jacob, didn’t see the need for it and thought it would be a waste of money. Obviously, I was victorious in our design debate. Of course, he loves the dormer and admits that I was right. Always music to my ears. 😉

The dormer windows look out over our driveway, so it makes for the perfect spot to unexpectedly shoot a certain someone, Jacob, with nerf guns. I may have done that a time or two.

This chest of drawers was one of the two things I actually went outside of the comfort of my home and my PJs to purchase. I bought this beauty off of Facebook from a sweet family in town, who I babysat for in high school. Disclaimer: up until middle school, I thought a chest of drawers was called chester drawers. I blame my mother–she should inform me of these things. 😉

I had this house portrait of my grandparents’ beach house done a few years ago, since this house is one of my favorite places to be. I asked the artist to include a Herman, of course.

The bench out front is also very special, and I had to have it included in the portrait. My grandparents would sit at the bench and wave when we arrived for our vacation and when we left to go home (I boo hoo’d every time we left). They never missed greeting us from that bench when we first pulled into the driveway for our stay with them.

I still don’t know how they timed it right or how long they’d sit out there waiting for us to arrive, since most of those times were well before the days of cell phones. Maybe my mom and grandparents had a trick up their sleeves that they never revealed to my sister and me. I don’t want to know if they did–takes away from the magic of it. 💚


• dohars & quilts:

• sheet set:

• rug:

• bunny art piece:

• rooster painting:

• barn painting:

• tree painting:

• Cottage 90 house portrait: Rebekka Seale

• lamp:

• curtain rods:

• woven blinds:

• ceiling light fixtures:

• bunk sconces:

Potty Talk

I was determined to get a bathroom in the attic space as part of our renovation. I mean, who wants to trek all the way through the Rooster room and playroom in the middle of the night to go powder their nose!?! Not this gal! Seriously, a bathroom in the attic would be much more convenient when using this space, and I figured it would help add value to our home. 🤞🏻

The bathroom was definitely the most difficult part, construction-wise, of the reno, but we had a great contractor and plumber, who were determined to make it happen. I only concern myself with the pretty parts of a reno, so I’m not exactly sure what was involved, but it didn’t sound easy. 😉

Before we began construction on the attic space, I was ordering fixtures for the bathroom–gotta hit up the great Labor Day sales! I wanted to have everything ready, so I didn’t hold up the work waiting on my orders to arrive. 

While I love to shop (only for my home–I despise shopping for clothes), I equally love receiving a package in the mail. With the exception of two things–a dresser and the mattresses–I purchased everything for the attic renovation online. I guess you could say I’m lazy. I’m just singlehandedly trying to boost revenue for the U.S. Postal Service. 😉 It’s actually kind of embarrassing when our  mailman, Mr. Mickey, who I have become quite close with, makes fun of how much I order to my children. 😬 Just think of all of the money I save on gas ordering in the comfort of my own home! 

Anyway, I digress. My online shopping only backfired when it came to the bathroom. I ordered two sinks and two faucets with the intention of putting them both in the attic bathroom. Once it was framed, I quickly realized that only one sink would fit because of the angled walls. It all worked out, since I put the extra sink and faucet in the main bathroom downstairs. I much preferred the new fixtures to the old ones, so I was happy about my mistake. I got the sinks at a great price, and the return shipping would have probably been equal to the cost of the sink anyway–or at least, that is what I’m telling myself and my husband. 

I am so thrilled with how the bathroom turned out that I have now taken it over and shower up there. We haven’t made any major changes to the other bathrooms in the house–and they need them–so the attic bathroom is by far my favorite one in the house. 

Our master bathroom has two toilets, instead of a tub! What!?! While, I appreciate a his and hers potty every now and then, I’d much prefer to have just the one, along with a bathtub. Call me crazy! 😉 A master bath renovation is on my list of things to do to our home, but not anytime soon. I want to wait until our boys stop destroying our current bathroom. Moms of older boys, please tell me that will happen. 

I am a sucker for board and batten, and I knew I had to put it in the attic bathroom! I would put that stuff all over my house, if I got the go ahead. It is such an affordable and easy way to add character to a space. 

While the angled walls can make it difficult to design around, I love the interest they add to this space. Helps make it cozier. 

Is it bad that I only want to use those towels for decorative purposes? I love them, and think they’re too pretty to use. 

You know my love for all things plaid, so I flipped when I saw this wallpaper and knew I had to put it in the attic bathroom! 

I LOVE this soap holder from Terrain! Perfect for this space–and the soap smells amazing. 

The infamous sink and faucet! I love using classic designs in our home, since I know they’ll never go out of style. I felt like the sink and faucet fit the bill for a simple, classic look. 

Sucker for milk glass! I wanted to use white elements whenever possible in the bathroom to brighten up the space, since there is no natural light in there.

These bathing suit print by the talented and very sweet Dorothy Shain add some fun to the space. 

The swimming trunks are my favorite between the two–maybe it’s because I have three boys! 

She has such a gift for pattern and color! 

We used these door knobs throughout the attic space. I 💙 them!!! I am trying to justify changing out the door knobs in the entire house to these. Then, I’d have to change all of the doors to the five paneled doors we used up here, too. If I did that, I’d have to change out all of the trim in the house to the farmhouse trim we used up here and on the porch. That would be a dream! I better start playing the lottery to support my home project habits! 

This trim is everything–I love the clean lines and simplicity!!!!

Just the one potty up here! 👌🏻

Initially, I wanted to put the hardwoods we put in the rest of the attic space in the entire bathroom. Thankfully, I have a practical contractor who informed me that the boys would probably ruin it when they shower in here. I love marble, so I was happy to pick out this basket weave pattern for the tub area. 

Nothing but love for subway tile from this gal! I want to put it in all of the showers in the house. I wanted to use a darker grout to contrast with the tiles. This color grout should also be easier to keep clean. 👍🏻

Picked out a tub faucet that would coordinate with the one for the sink. I love the classic X handles. 

More white accessories with the towel hooks. 

I love a good hall–probably because it allows me to display art! The bathroom door is on the left, and the two doors on the right side open to the small storage area. 

I am still working on decorating the right side of the hall. Trying to figure out the best pieces to put here. So far, I haven’t found the perfect pieces. 

Initially, I had planned to hang these Lulie Wallace bug prints over the couch in the Rooster room. The HV/AC placement changed my plans, but I love how they look in the hall. 

Only type of bugs I want to have in my house are the cute ones hanging on my wall. 🐝 

This fella had a friend, who was my favorite, but he sold out before I could snatch him up. That’s what I get for trying to wait for a sale. 

I L-O-V-E a barn, and I love art–so you know I’m going to go nuts for barn art.  This piece by Adele Yonchak, which I purchased through Well & Wonder, is one of my favorites! I’ve always wanted to have a farm without all of the animals (I’ve been told that’s a ranch). I’m also a big chicken when it comes to being the only adult in the house at night. Just ask my best friend, Anna, about that. I tried to get her to let me borrow their dog one night when I was scared during my husband’s business trip last month. 😬 Anyway, I would be such a scaredy cat being all by myself if we lived in the boonies, so maybe farm/ranch life is not for me. 😉 I’ll stick to barn artwork. 

I am so exited to share the last part of our attic renovation, the bunk room, with you next. Stay tuned! 


• bathing suit prints:

• barn art piece:

• bug prints:

• frames:

• sconces & ceiling light:

• medicine cabinet mirror:

• faucets and door knobs: 

• sink: cannot remember–try to find that out quickly 

• soap dish:

• wallpaper:

• towels:

• towel basket & white bucket:

• towel hooks & toilet paper holder:

• shampoo & conditioner:

• bath mat:

• runner in hall:

What Are You Roosters Up To?

When we moved into our house almost six years ago, there was no shortage on storage space. There was actually too much of it, if you can believe that. The space off of our playroom, which we call the attic, was all storage. I may be crazy because I wanted to eliminate that area for storage, so I would be forced to purge things we didn’t need or use. Also, I thought we could make much better use of the space as a living area for our family. 

For years, we joked about what to turn that attic space into with our next door neighbors. The guys wanted to turn it into a bowling alley or a batting cage. We didn’t go that route–shocker! After the birth of our third son, Reid, we found ourselves without a guest room, so we decided to make the attic into a bedroom. 

Looking at it now, we didn’t really need an additional bedroom at the moment, since the boys play musical bedrooms. Wynne and Thompson sleep in Wynne’s room–in one bed–and Reid sleeps in Thompson’s room. So, Reid’s bedroom is open for visitors. 

Since the attic space was long and narrow, I decided to break it up into a TV room, bedroom, and bathroom. We started this renovation just after Thanksgiving of 2015 and finished it up Spring ’16. Here is the space before. See, I could have collected way too much junk in here. 

Sadly for Jacob, I didn’t pick any of those wall samples pictured below. 😬 I am his most difficult customer (Jacob is a sales rep for Sherwin-Williams, which is very handy for me and an annoyance for him–I make him bring home paint samples a lot). 

I wanted to have the walls pushed back, since the room was fairly narrow. I think we were able to go back about a foot and a half on each side, which made a huge difference. The paint line on the floor shows you where the old walls were. 

Of course, I had to name the TV room. Since I live with a bunch of boys and this will be their main hangout spot when they aren’t scared to be upstairs by themselves, it was only fitting that we name it the “Rooster Room.” I think my Grand-mere would approve of the name. 

Here are a few pictures of the space during construction…

…and here is the finished Rooster Room. 

I wanted to keep the decor in this room fun and geared towards the boys, but I wanted design elements that they could grow with. I have always loved the prints from The Old Try, and I was thrilled when they came out with an Auburn print that coordinated well with their manners print. The Old Try has a great selection of college, state, and southern decor items. 

My parents recently moved to a new house, and we found my Dad’s old political signs when we were cleaning stuff out. My Dad is so embarrassed that I hung them on the wall, but they are one of my favorite things in the room and remind me of fun (well, mostly fun) times from his campaigns–successful campaigns, I might add. 👍🏻😊

I added built-ins to line one wall of the room. Initially, I wanted to hide a mini fridge within the bookshelves but decided against it, and I am so glad I did. I know what you’re all thinking–the boys would be sneaking adult beverages up there when they’re older–not my babies. 😉 

To decorate the shelving, I used a mixture of things we already had and added a few new items. Our boys LOVE sports, so I incorporated a good bit of sports decor and Auburn items into the design. I’ve included a Herman whenever I can, as well as other family favorites. 

For the lighting, I used the same ceiling fixtures from Schoolhouse Electric that we put in the boys’ bedrooms. I did change the shade in this room and picked out one with blue stripes (the others have the plain milk glass). I probably should have put two ceiling fixtures in here…too late now. 

Since our boys are still somewhat young and have a great track record of ruining things, we used furniture that we already had for this space. I’ve had the cream sofa and coffee table since I graduated from college, and the green plaid couch is from the playroom at my parents’ old house. I have always loved it, so I begged my Mom to give it to me when they moved. 

I did add some plaid pillows to the cream couch, and I am still on the hunt for some for the other one. 

We had to add a new HV/AC unit for the attic space. The only place they could put it was along this main wall. Not ideal for decorating, but it’s better than freezing in the winter and burning up in the summer. To detract from the HV/AC access door, I wanted to add something fun above the couch. 

I am obsessed with the artisan canoe paddles from the Sanborn Canoe Company. The one we have is perfect for our Auburn obsessed family, since it is Auburn colors and the design is the flag for Alabama (the state, not the school–very important difference at our house 😉). The only issue is keeping the boys from touching the paddle and pulling it down. 

When my parents were packing to move, my Mom found some great items from my grandmother that I brought to use in our home. This lamp is one of them. I just had to add a shade, and we were good to go! 

The old attic space had double doors separating it from the playroom. We removed those to combine the two rooms. I still wanted to be able to close the rooms off from each other when needed, so I added a barn door. The barn door is less intrusive than regular doors and adds a fun design element to our plain playroom. 

More of the attic renovation to come!


• Ceiling light:

• Rooster sign:

• Auburn & Manners print:

• white frames:

• USA map print:

• rug:

• plaid pillows:

• canoe paddle:

• candle votive on shelf:

• barn door track:

• door handles:

• drawer pulls:

• wire baskets:

• sheep on wall & metal side tables:

• paint:

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things! 

I’m going to be singing that song for the rest of the day now! Such a wonderful movie–it took me years before I was able to watch “The Sound of Music” again, since my sister made us watch it every single day for about a year during our childhood. She made us call her Liesl or Gretl, depending on the day.

It is no secret that I love Instagram! Because of it, I have been introduced to so many amazing small businesses and artists. It has allowed me to connect with many people–my Instagram friends–who I would otherwise never “meet.” I wanted to share my fun finds from a few of my favorite ones.

Mela & Roam

 All of my friends know that I am obsessed with Mela & Roam and dohars! Courtney, who is the founder, shares her love of Eastern culture and artistry through textiles and unique finds.

I first fell in love with Mela & Roam when I saw a dohar on an Instagram post. A dohar is basically the softest lightweight blanket ever! I love a beautifully made bed and adding a dohar to the mix helps me add pattern and something pretty–that even my boys love having in their rooms.

Courtney carries a range of patterns from floral to geometric to striped. Of course, I’m drawn to the flower ones, since I live with all boys. Our boys don’t seem to mind having flowers on their beds, since the blankets are so soft. 😉

I love using the baby blanket dohars for the back of our chairs–and of course, for baby gifts, too.

When we did our attic renovation, I knew I wanted nothing but Mela & Roam for the bedding. Here’s a peek at one of the quilts I picked out for that space. I’ll post about the attic renovation soon. What a fun project that was!

Mela & Roam offers other unique pieces for your home, not just bedding.

This candle smells amazing!!! It’s called a vintage lassi cup–not sure what that is, but I love it! The best part about the candle is that you can mail it back to Courtney, and she’ll refill it super inexpensively.

Polder’s Old World Market

This is one of my more recent Instagram finds. Polder’s OWM is a family run business on a farm in Virginia. Doesn’t that sound picture perfect!?! They create beautiful wooden kitchen utensils called “dreamware.” The craftsmanship is simply amazing. I purchased my first piece over the Christmas holidays, and I am hooked. The family could not be nicer!

They even sign each piece, which is my son, Thompson’s, favorite part!

These pieces aren’t only functional, they are pieces of art (and we all know how much I love art 💜), so I had to find a spot to display them all of the time in this crock from another favorite shop of mine, Farmhouse Pottery.

Farmhouse Pottery

I fell in love with pottery after my grandmother gave me a beautiful piece years ago, so I was excited to discover Farmhouse Pottery, which is located in Vermont. You can actually visit their shop and watch them make pottery, which I think would be such a fun thing to do.

Over the past couple of years, we have collected a few pieces from them.  One of my favorite pieces isn’t actually pottery, it’s the tree trunk side table that we have on our porch. I love how it brings a bit of nature into the room.

These next two pieces may or may not have the ashes of our cats, Charlotte and Annabelle, and dog, Riley, in them. Jacob and my sister are probably going to think I’ve completely lost my mind for revealing this, but my beloved pets cannot be kept in ugly tins. They deserve to be displayed in something beautiful that I can look at all of the time! 😉

Here’s Riley’s resting spot.

The kitties.

Riley girl

Even Annabelle loved a dohar.








The Idiot Box

In 2014, we realized that we needed more usable living space downstairs, so we decided to convert our screened porch (complete with plexiglass on the bottom) into a part of the house. Truthfully, we (okay, I) wanted another place to be able to watch TV–or the idiot box, as my Grand-mere refers to it.

I  L-O-V-E  to watch the idiot box and come by it naturally. My Mom is an expert television watcher, as well! 👍🏻 The greatest birthday gift my Dad ever gave my Mom was having cable put in their bathroom, so she could watch her programs during a soak in the tub. Jealous!

We didn’t really get much use out of the screened porch anyway. It was mainly good for collecting pollen during the spring and water during hard rains. On Friday nights, we’d use it to visit with our neighbors after we put the boys to sleep, and we did accidentally leave our cat, Charlotte, out there all night one time. Converting the porch into another living area made for a much better use of space for our family–I could only watch so many episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Hopefully, our neighbors appreciated the change, too, since it was a bit of an eyesore before. 😉

These are the only pictures I could find of the old porch.

Since our house doesn’t get as much natural light as I’d like, I wanted to add as many windows as we could to help brighten the house. My Grand-mere has a room in her home that she refers to as the “Garden Room.” I’m not exactly sure what a garden room is, nor do I know how to keep a plant alive, but I used it as inspiration for the design elements.

When we did this project, I was itching to paint a room white/cream. I was so thrilled with how the white turned out that I would repaint the majority of our walls white, if I could. To add some color on the porch, I had the ceiling, as well as the panes of the windows and transoms painted green.

My favorite part of the room is the Dutch door, which I had to use my best negotiating skills to get Jacob on board. Guess who loves the door more than I do!?! That’s right, Jacob! 👍🏻 Our boys love to play basketball in the driveway, and the door is perfect for being able to keep an eye on them from the comfort of the couch.

I had pinned every Dutch door under the sun on Pinterest over the years, so I took my favorite aspects from various doors to design this one.

For the exterior, I knew I wanted to use cedar shakes, since I am pretty much obsessed with cedar shake homes. It also breaks up the red brick, which I am not a fan of. I have been begging Jacob for years to let us paint the brick cream. I love nothing more than a painted brick home. Please consider supporting “Operation Painted Brick” by commenting below. I’m sure a nice petition would really be great to take to the neighborhood association for approval on the exterior change. 😉

Here are some closer shots of the accessories in the room…

This candle from Polder’s Old World Market smells amazing–you can even smell it when it isn’t burning.

“Fitz Pool” by Sally King Benedict

Our concrete pooch, Samford (in case you think I’m crazy, which I’ll admit to, for naming a statue, my first post explains why 😊).

Here’s another one that I named, Sir Herman Augustus of Upwey. I know–it’s a mouthful. That basket was my grandmother’s, and she gave it to me when I moved to Atlanta after college. Now, we use it to hide the boys’ Magnatiles.

I ordered the wicker chest off of Amazon, of all places. It is great for hiding all of our blankets. I still need to stain it a darker color. It’s been on my to-do list for awhile. Maybe it’ll get done before 2018 rolls around. 😉

Had to have this Herman door knocker when I saw it. His lower half was ruined when a certain little fella put salt on it. I gave one to my parents, which they have failed to put up. I think I’ll go steal theirs.


• lantern pendant:

• wall sconce:

• table lamp:

• green side table:

• tree trunk side table:

• rug:

• wood side table:

• sofa & chair fabrics:

• wicker trunk:

• abstract art:

• silver wall frames:

• frame on table:

• bird bath:

• candle:

• door hardware:

• paint:

• woven blinds:

• Bunny/Herman door knocker:

One Can Never Have Too Many Hermans! 

Let’s continue with the art theme because let’s face it, I’m obsessed! We have three boys, and I love finding art for their bedrooms. I should probably add more pictures of the boys and our family to their rooms, but who can remember to print pictures off of their phone!?! Not me! 😬

Thankfully, two of our boys are still at an age where they don’t care what’s in their rooms, so I get to call the decorating shots (our oldest Rooster, Wynne, is opinionated on what is in his room, and we have been known to go head to head on design decisions. The struggle is real! 😉). 

Art prints and posters are a wonderful and cost effective option for kids’ rooms and play areas, since their tastes and interests can change as they get older. Etsy is a wonderful resource for finding art for children. There is something for everyone! I tend to incorporate animals into my decor, and that continues into the boys’ rooms, as well.

One of my favorite Etsy finds are these animals portraits that I put in Thompson’s room when he was a baby. I think they’re so fun, and all of the animals spark a memory or have special meaning. I try to decorate each boy’s room, so that it can grow with them. 

These are a few of my favorites! Who doesn’t love an animal in a suit!?!

Of course, I had to have a Herman and a Rooster!

For Reid’s, room, I stuck with the animal art theme and framed illustrations found in John Audubon’s books, which I also found on etsy. They were a very cost friendly and easy project! I love how they turned out!

When I was pregnant with Reid, Kate Middleton was also pregnant with George, and we were due around the same time (FATE! 😉). I am obsessed with the Royal Family and want to be Kate’s BFF–she is perfection! I found a print celebrating Prince George’s arrival and had to hang it in Reid’s room. 💙

In Reid’s bathroom, I used the same frames that I used in his bedroom for the prints I hung in there. I love riding a bike–well, only at the beach where it’s nice and flat. When I saw these bicycle prints, I knew I had to have them, since they remind me of none other than…any guesses? Yes, my grandparents!

Growing up, we rode bikes everywhere when we at the beach. My grandparents would take a daily bike ride down to the end of the island and back. Grand-mere had a bell on her bike, so she could alert any and all unsuspecting walkers and joggers that she was fast approaching. She would ring that thing incessantly and say “yoooooooou-hoo!” until they moved out of her way. She made my sister and me put bells on our bikes. I refused to ever use mine out of sheer embarrassment, and I figured she had done enough ringing for our entire family. 😉

The bicycle prints are actually a pack of stationery that I think I bought for $4 each. No one can tell that it’s a notecard once it’s framed. 👍🏻

In writing this post, I’ve realized that I’ve somewhat neglected Wynne’s room when it comes to art. However, he does have a poster that pays tribute to my other grandfather, who we also called Dannanny. In World War II, my Dad’s father was in the Marines and specialized in communications and Morse Code, so I loved incorporating this Phonetic Alphabet and Morse Code poster into Wynne’s room to honor him.

For the sports fanatic, a decal from his/her favorite collegiate or professional team is a great way to add some fun and personalization to a room. At our house, we are big Auburn fans, so Santa brought Wynne an Auburn helmet one year. It takes up a lot of space, which is nice! 

At the top of our stairs, I put a piece that I want the boys to look at every single day. I hope they will always remember what it says–so, only one of my boys can read right now, but you get the point. 😉

Including artwork from your own budding artist in his/her room is a wonderful way to add a special touch to the decor (and it’s CHEAP!)…


•Reid’s frames:

•Thompson’s frames:

•Be Kind poster:

•Audubon prints:

•Prince George print:

•Animal bust prints:

•Bicycle cards:

• Morse Code poster:

•Auburn Helmet:

I Have to Put My Face On!

Hi, my name is Sara, and I am obsessed with art! To my husband’s dismay, I love collecting original art for our home. I feel that art adds so much personality, color, and uniqueness to one’s home. The great thing about art is that there is something for everyone at all tastes and price points. I have come across many talented artists, mainly through the Instagram world, and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. All of these artists are from the South, which makes this Georgia girl love their work even more!


Emily Ozier is a talented artist from Tennessee with Cuban roots. Her Instagram account is so fun to follow, since she gives you a peek into her artwork and family life, as a mother of six. I adore Emily’s floral paintings. Her technique puts a fun and beautiful spin on the traditional flower painting. I love how she layers the paint and her use of color.

My sister and I gave this piece to my parents for Christmas. They moved into a new house this past spring, and we wanted them to incorporate some art that we loved! They actually love it too!

She also paints these amazing hunting scenes, which I have been lusting over for awhile now–it is at the top of my wishlist (hint, hint, Jacob 😉). That canoe one with the dogs–💙💙💙!

     Sourced from


Sally King Benedict

Sally is an amazing Atlanta based artist. She is most widely known for her “Faces,” but I love her abstracts just as much! I was lucky to have the opportunity to meet Sally and her super cute son, River, a couple of years ago when my sister, Julie, worked for her.

 “Bungalow 4”

My first SKB piece was “Bungalow 4,” which reminds me of a quote from the greatest movie ever, Troop Beverly Hills, “Nefler, Bunglow 4!” Cinema at its best–Shelly Long deserved an Oscar for that performance. All of the ’80s babies will know exactly what I’m talking about.  😉

“Fitz Pool”

“Mere Face”

The second I saw this piece, I knew I had to have it! My husband, Jacob, was so sweet to give it to me for my birthday a couple of years ago. It reminds me of my Grand-mere, even though it looks nothing like her.

On Christmas morning when I was growing up, we had to wait f-o-r-e-v-e-r for her to “put her face on” (make-up) before we could open gifts. The green in the face of the painting is spot on for her blue-green eyeshadow color that she always wore. Of course, the pink reminds me of her bright pink lipstick. To me, this gal is elegant, beautiful, and confident, which is how I see my grandmother.

Leigh-Anne Gross O’Brien

Leigh-Anne, a Georgia based artist, has made me love oysters. I don’t like to eat them, but I think they make for beautiful artwork. I must admit that Leigh-Anne and I grew up together and are good friends today, but I would still love her work, even if I didn’t know her.

I am searching for the perfect frame for these beauties, but have yet to find them.

LOVE the colors and softness of this great print Leigh-Anne has!

Fun fact: Leigh-Anne has dual citizenship to the U.S. and England. 🇺🇸🇬🇧 Her husband is from England, and she and her family lived there for a few years before moving back to our hometown. She combines two of my favorite things, the South and England (still mourning the end of Downton Abbey).

Lulie Wallace

Lulie is from Charleston, which houses a lot of amazing artists. Trying to purchase a piece of Lulie’s original work is an art in itself–you have to be quick with your computer and mouse skills and need to have that credit card out and ready to go!

Lulie did a series of animals a few months back. She previewed this adorable bunny (or Herman, if you’ve read my first post) on Instagram, and I knew that I had to have it for our attic reno. She was releasing the series online one morning at 9 am, which is exactly the time I drop off at preschool. So, I lined my sister up to try to snag this piece for me. Julie is also skilled at online shopping, so she was able to get that Herman in her cart and had the transaction completed by 9:01 am. I felt like I had won the lottery! So proud of her! 😉

This piece, “Flowers for Lucy,” was my very first art purchase. I was pregnant with our third child, and I was convinced that I was having a girl, after having two boys. Lucy, which was my great-grandmother’s name, was our girl name (okay, my girl name–my sister and I divided up family names when I was in college). So, I talked Jacob into letting me buy it for “baby Lucy’s” nursery. Well, Lucy turned out to be a boy, so this piece now hangs in our dining room. We do have kittens, who we named Lucy and Violet (after Lady Grantham on Downton), so I’m happy I have this piece to honor the cat. 😉

Lulie also has beautiful prints of certain pieces she’s done. Prints are a great option for kid spaces and those just dipping their toes into art collecting. We have a few of Lulie’s bug prints in our attic space reno, and they’re one of my favorite things in there! Who knew a bug could be cute!?!

Alexis Walter

I discovered Alexis, who is from New Orleans, through an Instagram post of Courtney Barton’s. Courtney owns Mela & Roam (, which is possibly my favorite Instagram find to date! She posted a piece by Alexis, and I immediately loved it! Her art has layers of thick paint, which was different than the other pieces that we had at the time. I’m a big fan of blues and greens, and her pieces with those colors are perfection!

“Swamp Thing”










Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day!

We bought our house almost six years ago. I remember casually telling my husband during the buying process that I didn’t need to do much to it to suit my taste. Well, three renovations and a handful of small projects later with more on my list, here we are. So…I guess I lied. 😬 I love a project! What can I say!?! 

I knew I wanted to change the countertops sooner rather than later, since I did not like them one bit–dark green–no, thanks! So, our first big project on our home was to the kitchen, and we did it after living here for two (long) years…but, as my Grand-mere loves to say “Rome wasn’t built in a day, Sara.” It was nice to live in the space awhile to see exactly how we used it and what didn’t work for us before we did any major renovations. 

Obviously, the oven had to go, since the boys loved standing on the oven door when I cooked. 

We completed the renovation in two stages. We were hoping the new countertops and backsplash would make us like the cabinets more–it didn’t work. I love classic, simple, and neutral materials and styles for big design aspects. You know those will never go out of style, and you can add in color and trends with accessories and items that are easily and inexpensively changed. 

Off we went to Elberton, Georgia, which I found out is the granite capital of the world (who knew!?!), in search of marble, of course. Found the one after two stops and a few hours of searching.

Here, she is before we brought her home! It was love at first sight. 😍 The marble has held up really well with our three messy boys. No staining so far, knock on wood. 

 Sooooo dark! 

The new countertops and subway tile backsplash were a huge improvement. Now, we were left with cabinets and countertops that didn’t match…so, we decided to re-face and paint the cabinets and drawers about a year later. 

I have always loved the clean lines of shaker style cabinets, so we went with that. To break up all of the cabinetry, I wanted the upper and lower cabinets painted in two different colors. I chose a darker color for the lower cabinets, so that we couldn’t see all of those marks little fingers make. 😉 

Excuse the oven and dishwasher. I have wanted to change those out since the first day we moved in, but my husband won’t let me replace perfectly good appliances. I have tried to get the boys to break the dishwasher by getting them to jump on the door. It hasn’t worked. 😩 

My only regret to the kitchen makeover was not pushing harder for a farmhouse sink when we replaced the countertops. Since we weren’t changing the cabinetry, the countertop folks said it wouldn’t work with the design of the cabinets. I still can’t talk about it 😉–I have been lusting after them ever since my college days. One day…one day, I’ll have one! 🤞🏻

More pictures….

My husband gave me these white canisters, which I’m sure he doesn’t recall, when we first started dating. Umm…I may have told him exactly what to get me. Thirteen years later, things haven’t changed. 


Roosters and Hermans and Tiger Pierre–oh, my! 

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved home design. I can recall driving around on Sunday afternoons, as a child with my family, through my hometown in northeast Georgia or the beautiful neighborhoods in Atlanta and pointing out what I would do differently and what I liked about the homes we passed. While I have no formal education in interior design, it remains my passion today…so, this past summer, I finally got up the nerve to start an Instagram account, @thedutchdoor, which focuses on my fun finds from small businesses that I have come across in the Instagram world. It has been such a wonderful outlet for me, as a stay at home mom of three young boys, who are 7, 6, and 3. I have wanted to expand on my posts, as well as our home renovations for a couple of months, now–so, here we are with this blog!

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love…”                   -Nate Berkus

I never knew that I had a design philosophy until I came across this quote from Nate Berkus, and his words fit perfectly with how I decorate our home. If someone is struggling with how to decorate their home, that quote is what I would tell them. You are going to love your home more and create a more inviting space, if it reflects you and the people, places, and things you love.

My biggest design influences would be my grandparents, and much of our home reflects them. My grandmother, Grand-mere, was so knowledgeable about design and fashion. My sister, Julie, got all of her fashion genes, and I got the decorating ones. It takes both of our talents to equal that of our grandmother’s. She has wonderful taste and was constantly trying to pass along her love for fashion, antiques, and cooking to us growing up–she forced me to watch Julia Child on PBS, well before watching cooking shows was the norm.

Isn’t she fabulous!?! She was always up for anything that my sister (left) put us up to. 

We spent a lot of time with Grand-mere and Dannanny at the their beach house in Sea Island each summer. Dannanny called every creature, but especially bunnies, “Hermans.” No one knows why, but we have four generations of people who now call bunnies “Hermans.” 😉

Throughout our house, you will find Hermans and plaid (I adore plaid–and thank goodness, I do since we have three boys). My love for all things plaid comes from my grandfather. He was known for his rather loud madras and plaid sports coats!

Growing up, Grand-mere would refer to my Dad and Dannanny as Roosters, and I’ve incorporated that into our home by naming a room in a recent renovation, “The Rooster Room.” We’ve added six more Roosters to our family with the addition of husbands and lots of baby boys!

The Roosters (back when there were only five–on the left is my husband, Jacob, holding our middle son, Thompson. Dannanny is in the middle, and my Dad is on the right holding our oldest, Wynne. Our littlest fella, Reid, hadn’t made his grand entrance yet 😉).

Grand-mere’s knack for finding fun names for people and things continued into her own decor. She has a beautiful hand-painted wooden cat who she named Tiger Pierre. In another room in their house, sits a large stuffed (fake) ram, Augustus the Generous. 🐑 When my sister and I were little, Grand-mere would give us Christmas presents from Tiger Pierre and Augustus the Generous.

Tiger Pierre 

Wynne on Augustus the Generous

Because Grand-mere did this, I had to have some creatures of my own at our home. Meet Samford and Sir Herman Augustus…

They don’t give Christmas presents, but I love them, nonetheless. 

Another thing that inspires me in my decorating are our family’s favorite places to visit. In our main downstairs bathroom, I’ve added a personal touch by finding old postcards from Sea Island, since we love going there, and I have such fond memories of being there with my grandparents.

I was able to find a number of postcards to chose from on and (all super cheap!). Every one of the postcards has meaning behind it for me. I framed them in the same frame from to give them a cohesive look. This project added interest to an otherwise boring space and makes me smile.

At their beach house, my Grand-mere has numerous notes giving instructions and stating her rules for the house. They are hilarious and are often the topic of conversation whenever we bring friends over. I took (okay, stole) my favorite note of hers a few years ago and hung it up in our kitchen. The shell background is a piece of wallpaper that was in my favorite bathroom at their beach house. I want to have this custom framed, since it’s such a treasured item; but, for now, it looks great in this frame from The note often sparks questions from people visiting us, and I think the story behind it provides for great conversation.

Showing your personality and things you love through your design certainly helps to make sense of what you choose to bring into your home. Each item has a purpose and most likely a story behind it.